Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Sharon opened UNLEASHED 18 years ago to make fitness accessible to all women. She was hoping to create a safe community for women to thrive and get healthy, making access to accurate information about nutrition, exercise, coaching and weight loss; accessible to everybody. Sharon is an internationally recognized fitness expert. She has been published in many magazines like Oxygen Magazine as fitness expert and continues to appear on television in that capacity. She is sought after for her vast depth of knowledge and ability to find simple solution to help women.

Meet the Owner
  • Sexy Is Timeless Talks 2 _ Episode 36

    Get an idea of how Sharon approached weight loss with her clients. The process is simple and effective. All you have to do is want to start.

  • Why was UNLEASHED Created

    UNLEASHED was created to make fitness, nutrition, coaching and weight loss accessible to anybody that wanted it.

  • The UNLEASHED community

    These women support each other through thick and thin to make sure they can achieve their goals. I might be the coach but these ladies are my line.

  • UNLEASHED is a magical place

    UNLEASHED is a community of women helping women to become happier and ultimately healthier.